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December 14, 2022

Utah Housing Preservation Fund Receives ‘Common Good’ Award From Envision Utah

Recognized for its commitment to preserving affordable housing for low to moderate income Utahns

SALT LAKE CITY (December 14, 2022) — The Utah Housing Preservation Fund (The Fund) earned the 2022 Common Good Award from Envision Utah for its effort and commitment to ensuring affordable housing opportunities for Utahns who need it most.

Each year, Envision Utah recognizes an individual, nonprofit, business, or association that has made significant contributions to the “common good” of the state of Utah and its communities. The Common Good Award is an opportunity to connect and educate key stakeholders on key issues facing the state of Utah, like affordable housing. This year’s award was significant as it was also a celebration of Envision Utah’s 25th anniversary

“It’s truly an honor for the Utah Housing Preservation Fund to receive the Common Good Award this year,” said Marion Willey, CEO of Utah Nonprofit Housing Corporation. “Now, more than ever, we need innovative solutions and exemplary leadership on issues like affordable housing, and it’s exciting to see both of these come together.”  

The Fund, managed through the Utah Nonprofit Housing Corporation, was introduced in March 2020 with a goal to preserve thousands of safe and affordable rental units and increase health outcomes for low- and moderate-income Utahns. Since its inception, The Fund has preserved 644 units, serving 1,400 tenants.

“The work that The Utah Housing Preservation Fund does is exactly the kind of work we should be celebrating,” said Ari Bruening, president and CEO of Envision Utah. “There are hundreds and hundreds of Utah families whose lives are better because of the generosity and ingenuity of those who support and manage the fund, and those benefits will continue and expand for generations.”

The Utah Housing Preservation Fund relies on the generous contributions of investors and donors, all of which played a role in the so-far success of The Fund. For more information about the fund and its contributors, please visit


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