Our Approach

Utah's housing crisis ends here

Our approach acts fast: we preserve and improve existing affordable properties, creating a stable foundation for many of our state’s residents.

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The Problem

Utah needs more affordable housing

Our state has an acute housing shortage of nearly 30,000 units, with an extreme shortage of affordable units. In the next 5 years, 6,600+ naturally-occurring and subsidized housing units are at risk of expiring tax credits and gentrification.

The Problem

But we also need to protect existing affordable housing

In recent years, Utah has also become a very attractive market for institutional investors and out-of-state buyers looking to acquire “value-add” properties, renovate them, and increase rents. This cycle, in many cases, results in the displacement of families.

Preservation ensures that new affordable housing adds to our state’s supply instead of simply replacing what’s been lost.
Our Approach

We preserve affordable housing

Protecting Utah’s existing affordable housing is a crucial first step in solving our state’s housing challenges. We acquire both naturally occurring affordable housing properties (NOAH) and expiring LIHTC projects and hold them in perpetuity, ensuring that they remain affordable homes for community members.

With all new acquisitions, we record a deed that requires us to retain ownership of the property and keep rents affordable based on AMI.
Our Approach

We upgrade building units

Once we have acquired a property, we improve it to ensure it’s a safe and comfortable space for residents. All of our properties have units priced specifically for community members earning below the state’s average median income (AMI).

Our Approach

We provide housing to those in need

Safe, comfortable, and affordable housing is the difference between merely surviving and thriving for many Utah families. We work with a variety of partners to ensure our units go to those most in need.

We partner with property management companies to ensure our AMI deed requirements are met.
We also work with a number of other housing nonprofits to place those most at risk of homelessness.
Our Approach

We build community partnerships

We understand that dependable housing is just one component required to thrive. That’s why we connect our residents with other organizations that provide additional assistance with everything from job searches to securing government benefits.

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Our Approach

A statewide solution...

While affordable housing problems are felt most acutely in urban areas, we’re committed to helping those in need across the state. That’s why we aim to invest 30% of our funds in rural towns and counties.

Our Approach

Designed for everyone

Our approach protects affordable housing that serves a wide range of folks. On average, we assist community members earning 30% to 100% of the AMI.

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An effective approach with an ROI

Investing in the Utah Housing Preservation Fund offers impactful opportunities for foundations, banks, and government bodies. We're protecting affordable housing that will lift up Utahns for years to come.


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Our Commitment

We're 100% Mission Driven

Our fund is managed by the Utah Non Profit Housing Corporation—a 501(c)3 that shares our commitment to affordable housing. Our one-and-only goal is to preserve and expand safe, accessible homes in Utah, meaning your community will see serious benefits from your investment.

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In addition to market price, we offer the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing your building will remain a safe, affordable place for tenants and community members.

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