Affordable housing preservation reimagined

We think about affordable housing a little differently: Our approach protects the existing housing supply and gives Utahns the support they need to thrive.

By The Numbers

We provide safe, affordable housing to Utah residents

By focusing on affordable housing preservation, we’re making an impact today and laying the groundwork for a healthier housing ecosystem.

Affordable Units Preserved
Savings For Tenants
$3 Mil
Residents Served
Impact on State's Investment
Our Approach

What is evergreen affordable housing?

Through purchasing, deed restricting, and managing properties, we’re ensuring that Utah’s existing affordable housing remains accessible to those in need—forever.

Our Partners
Our Approach

Affordable housing preservation is key

There's no single solution to the housing problems facing our state, but affordable housing preservation is a crucial part of the puzzle. By protecting existing properties, we're setting the foundation for future success.

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Preservation is necessary to solve the housing crisis

Expiring LIHTC restrictions and increased out-of-state investment put affordable housing at risk. Protecting our existing supply is a crucial first step in any solution.

Preservation increases the impact of new development

By preserving existing housing, we ensure that new development is adding to our supply rather than simply replacing what has been lost.

Preservation is a fast, efficient solution with upside

Affordable housing preservation works fast, stabilizing rents and preventing displacement at comparatively little cost.
Our Impact

Hear from our tenants

Our fund is making a real difference for Utah families. Week-over-week, year-over-year, dependable housing sets our residents up for long-term success.

“I have three kids, and it feels so good to be able to buy food and diapers without having to worry about how to buy those things and pay the rent.”
Alondra S.
“They remodeled my apartment, and everything is clean. I can pay my rent every month without having to worry about anything.”
Joanah C.
“Being a single dad, I am always wanting to make sure that my kids have a safe place to live. Being able to afford to do that has been the reason I have stayed in Utah.”
Maisel H.