Investment Committee

Marion Willey

Executive Director @ Utah Non Profit Housing Corporation
Marion is the Executive Director of Utah Non-Profit Housing Corporation, which is the largest not-for-profit affordable housing developer in the state of Utah. Marion has been in the affordable housing space for over 30 years. In 2003 Marion founded Western Region Non-Profit and, between both organizations, has been a part of developing over 80 affordable projects with approximately 6,000 units, including 48 LIHTC projects. More than 22,000 households have been a part of the UNPHC and WRNPHC family. Marion was the recipient of the 2020 Jack Gallivan Legacy Award from the Utah Housing Coalition for his years of service and dedication to helping house those most vulnerable in the state. As an established nonprofit with over 53 years of experience, Utah Non-Profit is the perfect match for the Preservation Fund to access their property management, rehabilitation/construction, and network of affordable housing advocates. Marion’s leadership and experience have and will continue to open doors for properties that need to be preserved.
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