Investment Committee

Clark Ivory

CEO @ Ivory Homes
The Utah Housing Preservation Fund finds its origins in Clark Ivory, the Executive Sponsor of the Fund. Clark is the CEO of Ivory Homes and Ivory Commercial and has built over 23,000 single-family homes and apartments. The Ivory Real Estate Company was formed in 1964 by his father, Ellis Ivory. Surrounded by development and construction his entire life, Clark has seen firsthand how market conditions can affect housing stability. As a newly appointed Federal Reserve Director in 2006, Clark anticipated the effects of the sub-prime meltdown in 2008, allowing his company to pivot and find ways to thrive in a disruptive market. As Utah’s economy grew and attracted out-of-state investors, Clark recognized that housing affordability would be the next crisis to hit the state of Utah, and in 2019 the Clark and Christine Ivory Foundation made a $2M seed contribution to start the Utah Housing Preservation Fund. The Fund’s goal of reaching 2,500-3,000 doors will be accomplished by utilizing Clark’s knowledge, experience, network, and vision.
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